Vertical borders

The main gist of the project is to manage and confine an early stage of integration towards a new age, a space utopia you may say. This project is, in fact, the first step that will help us as lifeforms to get adapted to the need of the future homo-cosmic-us. 

The challenge if the tower is to initiate people into a world of decentralized content system, and relieving themselves from the world as we know it and its centralized data. The biggest advantage of this process is speed and the way it is catching up to what the real-world order doesn’t offer. 

Our concept inflicts paradigm shift amongst our current stage of living and thinking, as “with the help of new addition of truths to the stock of old truths, or the increasing approximation of theories to the truth, and in the odd case, the correction of past errors”, Thomas Kuhn.

Credits to:

arh. Mihai-Coman Horia | dipl. arh. Macavei Mihai |

dipl. arh. Adrian Danut Bizau | dipl. arh. Necula Valentin |

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