Project no.20 - STACKED HOUSES
Location: Basel - Switzerland

This is visual project proposal for a stacked house project in the lovely hills of Switzerland. The idea was to create something unique in the rendering process of the project and bring out the amassing landscape features the site plan had to offer. 


It was an exiting project to work on, especially interacting with the architecture and real-estate office abroad, and the best thing is seeing how any ordinary space with the right vision can start telling a story.

We love to see more architecture design project and ideas being put into practice like the project seen above.

01 Side Project Perspective Building View

Side project perspective of the actual building site, located in Basel, Switzerland.

02 Main Street Perspective View

Main project perspective of the building site with road access, located in Basel, Switzerland.

04 Close-up Side Perspective View

Close-up project perspective of the stacked building, located in Basel, Switzerland.

04 Main Street Perspective View

Main perspective, located in Basel, Switzerland.

05 Interior Perspective View

Suggestive interior view Kitchen - Dinning - Living room space, location Basel, Switzerland.