What does observing mean? What is a clear, true picture of an ecosystem? Usually animals are scarred by the presence of humans and their technology, clearly not a good thing.

A contest idea, this project would be a solution to the problem of observing an ecosystem, in our case the African Savannah.

Our solution was to use technology to blend the building in the environment using the surrounding shapes with which animals are already familiar too. Because of the size and location of the environment, the African Savannah also has a migratory component to it. That is why our Visitors Center got scattered in the park. Our scattering strategy allows users to witness the seasonal migration of the animals, the backbone of the ecosystem. 

Another side of the project is, of course, the total energetic autonomy of each outpost in the grid and the idea of "them being linked-in a data network; This would allow for optimal surveillance and event logging such as interesting scenes in the park, rare animals, etc. 

The architectural approach of the project and the data sharing strategy also make for a great research environment in the field of architecture and landscaping. Basically what we got, in the end, is a dynamic space able to be a learning tool as much as a tourist attraction.   

Credits: dipl. arch. Mihai Macavei

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04_Kruger National Park